Veritas Business Partners was created because of our deep desire to assist the leaders and business owners within my network.  We hope to alleviate many of the pressures leading / owning businesses creates and ultimately improve quality of life.

My professional experience has not been in writing books or telling others how they should run their business.

My key point of difference is for the past 23 years I have been at the coalface starting as a young naïve businessman to leading multiple companies to incredible triumphs across a vast number of business verticals. 

This success has been due to one core reason.   Following my executive education at Harvard Business School I developed a simple to understand business formula that I have now executed for the past ten (10) years internally within my previous role with significant success.  I am now focussed on developing my own businesses and sharing this formula with my key contacts and their network.

I have extensive experience in starting new businesses, turning poorly operated businesses around and growing solid businesses to be the most respected in their field.  Most importantly, when executed effectively, my formula creates long lasting success.

What I have learnt is that the fundamentals of business are exactly the same.  

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